The Hess Report

Saturday, June 07, 2003

In other family news, Maddie has lost her second tooth. Lucy, in an unusual turn, was pleasant and sweet all day long and threw not a single (complete) fit and actually refrained from the things that we had, in the past, told her not to do.

Also today, domestic!Joy sewed a satin edge around Lucy's blankey, which was becoming hopelessly frayed. Lucy was quite proud of her newly strengthened blankey and insisted that we all smell it.

Last night, we tried to sleep in the back yard in our new tent, as practice for camping later in the summer, but Lucy pulled a total freak out, and the rain kicked in about eight hours sooner than it was supposed to. We slogged into the house at 3 AM to escape the water. Inside, dry, and in our own beds, Maddie deadpanned "That went well." Ah, my girl.

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