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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Mission Impossible

Joy was making dinner. She needed two things from the store: bread crumbs and cream of celery soup. In the time it would take me to run to the store, get the things and come back, she could just get the rest of the things ready to throw in the oven. It would be timed perfectly. Even though it was 10 degree F outside, I didn't stop to grab a coat, because the Mission Impossible music was playing in my head...

Dum - - - Dum - - - dum - dah
Dum - - - Dum - - - dum - dah
Dum - - - Dum - - - etc....

The bread crumbs, both plain and Italian should be with the... bread? Nah, that would be stupid. They'd be grouped by function, like the pasta and tomato products are stocked together. So... baking needs? Nope. With the rices and grains? Nope. Time was running short, and I didn't want Mr. Phelps pissed off. With the potato flakes? Grrr.

The desperation was evinced by the fact that I had decided to ask the next Shop 'n Save employee that I saw. I hate to do that. One came down the aisle, carrying a can, looking to restock it. I'd seen her here off and on, so I knew that she had worked here for a while. She looked around, trying to find where to put the can she held. I could see the same frustrated "Grrrr" building inside her that I had just experienced. She shook her head, annoyed, and stalked off to another aisle.

Uh oh. If she can't figure out where to put that can of tomatoes, then I'm totally screwed.

Sour cream is easy. Its with the dairy. Across the aisle from the dairy cooler, I see a shelf with Shake 'n Bake, crackers, and... (rim shot) bread crumbs. Right beside the bread. Grrr.

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