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Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Sweetness of Good Sisters

I found something unusual on the kitchen counter tonight, which I asked Joy about. It was made of two pieces of green neoprene, taped together on all sides but the bottom. The pieces were cut more or less in the shape of a horse's head and neck, with the details and outline drawn on in magic marker. Obviously a kid creation.

Joy explained that while her and I were getting ready for church, Maddie and Lucy were trying to assemble the goods to play the Nativity. Lest you think my last name is Flanders, they pretended to be Frodo and Gollum at bath time, respectively. Meanwhile, back at the creche, Lucy could not get past the fact that we do not (surprisingly) have a donkey stuffed animal. I think that it is the only animal of which we do not have a plush representation. (Cow? Two! Sheep? Two! Mice? Too many to count!) But for lack of a donkey, the whole production was in jeopardy, and Lucy was extremely upset. Instead of throwing in the towel and telling Lucy to piss off or to just be a little more flexible and pretend that the horse was a donkey, Maddie got out the scissors, tape, markers and neoprene/foam stuff and made Lucy a donkey finger puppet.

And yeah, it was just laying around later, so I'm sure that neither of them attach any kind of significance to it. But that finger puppet will find it's way to a land fill over my dead body.

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