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Monday, February 16, 2004

Sorry. Come Back Next Year. Now What?

So, in the great single-elimination playoff game that is the application process for a certain job I've been pursuing for nigh upon two years, I have been eliminated. Due to the nature of the process, there is no explanation, just a simple “Sorry.” People close to the process are rather astounded, but stranger things have happened. I'm eligible to try again in a year, and, due to the knowledge gleaned this first time through, feel fairly confident that I could wax the ass of the respective procedures should I choose to undergo it a second time. Will I? Before I heard “no”, I was certain that if I heard “no” there was no way I would try again. Not feeling that so much, now. I guess I really really hate terrorists. Whatever the case, I'm not going to live the next year of my life thinking about it like we just did this past year. That sucked.

There have been several things which I had put on the back burner, not wanting to invest the time in them if I was going to be greatly increasing my working hours in the near future. So, those projects can now commence. They're all computer-based, so, yeah, I'm a geek. Sue me. Here they are:

1.Completion of my animated short Audition. The modelling is finished, and some preliminary animation is done. I just need to record the voice work and music (provided, of course, by music!Joy) and lipsync the thing.
Click to see a clip

2.Coding work on the Blender Open Source project. I'll be donating some of my time to improve and expand the Python API of the world's best Open Source 3D graphics and animation suite.

3.Creation of an Open Source Python-based AI system for crowd motion, including heirarchical command and control, goals, personal interaction, object awareness, pathfinding and terrain following. Woo hoo!
Click here to see a sample.
(both this video and the Audtion one are in Divx 5 format)

4.Move the Hess Report to my own servers so I can easily back the thing up, as well as spy on people who visit and read. It's on blogspot right now, and I'd hate to see it all go away if they do something silly.

5.Brew more beer and wine.

6.I have this idea for a screenplay involving people taking advantage of William Shatner groupies...

Random computer security stuff that I think everyone should know:
It only took a day and a half for some mallicious, intelligent person to develop an exploit from the leaked Windows source code. If you're running Internet Explorer 5, all someone has to do is put a special image on their web page and Bang! You're rooted, and your computer becomes one of hundreds or thousands in their zombie army.

So, if you're on a broadband connection, buy a cheap router, even if you only have a single computer. It'll keep nasty folks from being able to randomly attack your computer. And for the sweet love of Pete, run screaming from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Use the Firefox web browser and the Thunderbird email client. I'll admit that I still prefer the absolute simplicity of Outlook Express, but I just hate those freaking viruses/scripting exploits/etc. Not a problem with Thunderbird. Likewise Firefox. You don't have to fear for your computer's life when you use these, and they are now and always 100% free.

And of course, a number 7 to the above list is to clear out some blogstipation. There are at least three big Hess Reports that have been stewing, and it's about time I actually wrote them down, including... what I thought of that new Peter Pan movie, a comparison of the Holiday Inn Express with the Ritz-Carlton, and the full explanation of the reason for being of the Hess Report. Pullitzer Prize winners every single one! I can feel your excitement from here. So I'll make an attempt to clear out the back-logged Hess Reports this week and get things moving on a more regular basis. Oh why must everything so easily fit into a pooping conceit? Whatever, just be sure to wipe your screen when you're done.

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