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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Tale of Smallpetal

The girls were doing shows tonight, as is their custom. Lucy did a flower show, in which she claimed to be Legolas, who turned into a flower, but didn't like it. Then he turned back into an elf, fought some bad guys, turned into Golum, fell into a volcano and died. The end.

Maddie came up with a great costume: flower-petal like pink headband, pink knit mittens and a play sleeping bag belted around her waist so she didn't have legs. Then, in her typically dramatic fashion, she told and acted her show. These are her words, as closely as I can remember them from five minutes ago:

"The Tale of Smallpetal

"Once, there was a flower named Smallpetal. She had one petal smaller than the rest, on the right side. All the flowers got picked, but not her. One day, she miraculously pulled herself out of the ground and learned to walk.

"She went to flower school, but all the other flowers picked on her and made fun of her. They laughed at her small petal. At recess, the other flowers wouldn't let her play with them. She had to sit there all by herself.

"When she grew up, she became a famous dancer. Then, she became the queen of the flowers.

"When she got old, all of her petals fell off, but the small one didn't, and as long as it stayed on her, she stayed alive. She would think about how the other flowers treated her long ago. One day when she was old, a man found her and took her home. He didn't water her, and so she died, but we can always remember her and tell the tale of Smallpetal."

Starts out kind of Disney, but ends up, er, I'm not sure what you'd call that. But I liked it.

Of course, afterward, she revised the ending so that Smallpetal didn't die, but turned into a human child, and set up the sequel by saying "To be continued." Now that would make Mike Eisner proud!

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