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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Happy Birthday!

The Hess Report blog turns one year old today. Woo hoo!

According to this summary, 26% of weblogs die after a single post. Another 53% of the remaining weblogs have gone inactive. Blogs created by males were (slightly) more likely to die on the vine than those created by females.

The "average" weblog is updated once every two weeks. Only around 6% of blogs are created by people in my age bracket. The only stat that the Hess Report seems to fall onto the majority side is the mention of the nanoaudience. That's what I'm doing. This is a very narrow... erm... narrowcast.

Also, if you read every post of the Hess Report this past year, you consumed about 28,000 words of Hess family fun and games.

The point? As usual: nothing. But happy birthday to me.

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