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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We Just Waved to the President

President Bush was supposed to be in town today for a rally, due to Pennsylvania's status as a valuable swing state in November. He was also supposed to be flying over the flood zones. (In case you're not aware, Pittsburgh was hit with unprecedented flooding from hurricane Ivan. Houses and businesses just 1/2 mile down the hill from us were filled with six feet of water. We stayed dry as a bone.) On my way home from work, I noticed a military-like helicopter flying over Etna, immediately to my left, above Route 8. Most likely Marine One, but it was too far away to tell. It was significantly bigger than the usual traffic copters, though, so I'm guessing it was him. Cool.

Around 4:50, I heard a helicopter outside. I'm used to the sound of occasional air traffic over the house, and this was not a sound I was familiar with. I yelled to Joy that I thought the President was flying over. Patriot!Joy, the girls and I all ran outside. Sure enough Marine One flew over the cul-de-sac, at a height of just a couple hundred feet. We jumped up and down and waved our arms, just in case they were looking out at that particular moment. A couple seconds later and they were gone, over the hill. Very cool.

I'll pretend that he saw us.

He may be saying to the First Lady tonight as they share their day with each other..."You know what made me feel really good today..I happen to take one final glance out the helecopter window as we were leaving Etna, and there stood a family jumping up and down and waving. They came running out of their house, just to wave to me. I needed that.....Thanks Hesses." (I would have said, "Thanks whoever you are", but I had the FBI check your profiles.).....kidding I read your account of the flyby....I felt as though I were jumping up and down with you. I like being an American. You get to do things like that without being afraid.
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