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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Follow Your Heart - TO YOUR DOOM!

I just read a bit of commentary on Mulan II, one of Disney's increasingly-insulting low-rent direct-to-Disney-DVD sequel offerings, in which the author decried the cliched "follow your heart" message.

I think that one of the worst things in children's entertainment is the "follow your heart" theme. I hate it. It is probably the message of something like 90% of children's movies and tv shows, when they have any kind of message at all. Note that the classic and best children's entertainment, even things with passive female leads like Snow White and Cinderella, avoid this crap like the plague. But pretty much anything else that's been made in the last thirty years, with the notable exception of Pixar's fine movies, serves it up on a plate.

"Follow your heart" or "believe in your dreams" and everything will work out for you. That's what they say. Of course, as anyone who is old enough to read this knows, that's complete bull shit.

One of the reasons I like Pixar's stuff so much is that their message seems to be: "Figure out what counts and fight for it." That's a theme I can get behind.

This is why every time I hear Maddie (Lucy has not yet received the full dose of recent Disney indoctrination) say "I followed my heart, and it worked," and she's said it a number of times, I have to come back with "It worked because you had a good idea and you worked hard at it."

I think that a lot of people my age were taught to follow their dreams and/or hearts, when they really should have taught to identify things or value and fight like hell for them.

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