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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Girls and Video Games

I know the stereotype: boys are good at them, and girls are not. In our house, unfortunately, it seems to be true. I bought a GameCube in December, with birthday present $ (thanks Mom + Dad!), a couple controllers, a memory card and some games (Star Wars: Rogue Leader II; Metroid Prime; and Sonic Adventures Battle 2, if you must know).

One of the reason I bought the GameCube was the availability of supposedly "younger" titles, hoping that the girls would get some fun out of it. And they do, but they just aren't very good. From what Maddie has told me, boys in her first grade class have already beaten at least one of the games I own. Seeing what I've seen from them, though, and Lucy has the age excuse to fall back on, it's never going to happen. I had visions in my head of our girls going over to someone's house for a little pre-teen playdate get-together kind of thing, and out come the video games and the boys are running roughshod over everyone until the Hess girls step up to the plate and whip their asses.

Alas, it is not to be.

I'm sure if I really pressured them, they could get better, but, well, the fact that I'm actually wondering how many hours they would need to put in even though I started this sentence as a joke means that I should drop the notion altogether. They have a blast crashing into everything they shouldn't and waaaaaay over-controlling. Light touch on the stick, girls. Light touch. Don't just hold the fire button down. Pick your shots. Shutting up now. Supposed to be fun.

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