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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A long time since the last post, and with good reason. A lot of interesting and cool stuff happened over Christmas, but I felt constrained in writing about it. Things about Maddie that, while endearing, would certainly embarrass her. She's not old enough yet to Google herself, nor are her friends, but that time is not too far away. She is, however, old enough that twenty years from now she will remember her thoughts and feelings from things that are just now happening, and she will be capable of being hurt by my characterization of events. Not saying that that will happen, just that I've been reevaluating my personal posting policies.

Also, there are a number of things going on right now, mostly business-related, that I would like to write about, for which posting in a public forum is probably not the best plan. You never know who might be watching. I have toyed with the idea of writing a completely anonymous blog, and just tearing into things/people/situations as I see fit, without the need for any kind of filtering for audience appropriateness or personal considerations. I still might do that, but today is not the day.

So, an experiment. I'll try it for a week, and if I like it, I'll extend it to a month. If that goes well, it'll get another month, until I get sick of it or bored. As an exercise in personal discipline, I'm going to write one post a day, for one week. I'll stay away from current events, because that's not what this is about. This is, as always, about three things:

1. Posterity. My kids will have a chance to see what their Dad was like before he turned into Lord Draco the Strict Parent of Teenaged Young Adults from the Chthonian Death Fields.

2. Keeping in touch. My friends and family will always know what the heck is going on. Sort of.

3. Amusement. I know there are some people who read this who don't know me very well. May you continue to be amused.

The girls will still pop up from time to time, but as I said, I don't think they can be the main focus anymore. And neither will Versatile!Joy. I don't feel right about it. So that means that it comes down to focusing on me, right? And aren't people who write for general consumption inherently vain? So that means that this is going to be great. Well, for me at least.

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