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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


On Tuesday of last week I became very sick. By very sick I mean sick enough that I left work after an hour, went home and spent the rest of the day in bed. It wasn't until Monday that I had anything approaching an appetite. The day after I got so sick, I dragged myself to work thinking I could spend the day slouched in my nice chair and pecking away at a keyboard. It was not to be. The previous evening, a worm had invaded one of our main servers and all hell broke loose. It was the next day until I had production machines up and running. Then, Thursday brought the office back online. Friday saw the mail server working. This week, I'm cleaning up loose ends.

The good news is that our network is a little better designed and more secure now than it was before. That was our first intrusion incident in three years, so, I'm toooo down on myself for letting it happen.

Anyway, what that all meant was that I had zero time for writing or anything else for that matter. Now that we're back on track, and I can eat food without fear of nausea, I'll be trying to post something once a day again.

Thanks for waiting.

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