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Monday, March 14, 2005

When She Was Good, She Was Very Very Good... 

Lucy is so very interesting.

On Sunday, she received an unexpected bag of Easter candy from her Sunday school teacher. Candy is possibly Lucy's favorite thing in the world, and she will go to great lengths to obtain it. The bag from her teacher had four different things: two bags of M&M's, a pink marshmallow Peep, and a small chocolate bunny. What did she do with it?

"Hey! There's four things of candy in here, and there are four of us! It's perfect!"

She proceeded to give me the Peep, Maddie a bag of M&M's, and Joy the bunny. I was astounded. She did it without a second thought.

Later that day, she decided to escalate an incident about putting toys away to the point of some fairly severe punishment. All she had to do was say "Putting away my own toys is the right thing to do." I understand the pride mechanics, etc., that were at work, but she was really pushing it, and over something that she knew should didn't have of winning on. She eventually relented, with tears, and was fine. Like I said, interesting.

Of course, in the last few days, she watched E.T. (Not scary at all Dad!), had to sit by while her sister barfed her guts out and intermittently cried in pain for hours (I don't care!), and saw a (freaky even to me) puppet show at the Children's Museum (It wasn't scary at all! I loved the trolls the best!). Through everything she does, she plays the tough guy. It seems like the last thing in the world she'll admit to is any form of weakness, and that's the way she's always been. I'm reminded of the scene in P.J. Hogan's Peter Pan movie where Peter, alone in his hideaway, dozes off. He wakes with a start, whacks his head on the ceiling, and blurts out "I wasn't sleeping!" to no one in particular.

Sometimes she reminds of a combination of Peter, Stitch and Mother Teresa.

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