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Monday, April 18, 2005

schoolmarm!Joy has consistently pointed out my lack of editing when it comes to The Hess Report. Typos, transposed words, etc. As I've never wanted this to turn into an exercise in annoyance, I've never bothered with those sorts of things. My philosophy has been: If I didn't see it on my quick read-through before posting, then it must not have been that important.

I do hear about it from time to time, though. To that end, I've invited grammar!Joy to be an editor on The Hess Report. She now has full administrative, editing and posting priveleges. I suggested that she could write her own posts, but she poo-pooed that idea quickly.

So, if you notice that my text is cleaned up, it will be thanks to her. I was going to make some kind of joke about wiping my digital butt, but that would have been too gross.

Hey, didn't our marriage vows say something about "in sickness and in health"? I suppose if your 'digital butt' needs to be wiped, I'm the woman for the job. Yay for me.
Keep the typos--I like them--they give a flavor of "on-the-fly" but well grounded logic, which has a charm and appeal all of its own.
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