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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

All You Need To Know About American Idol 

I am amazed at the level at which one can sustain a conversation about American Idol with a four year old.

Me: "So, who's going to win?"

Lucy: "Bo."

Me: "Do you like Bo better, or do you just think he's going to win?"

Lucy: "I like him better. And he's going to win. Carrie's always flat."

Me: "She is. It's pretty awful."

Lucy: Rolls eyes and shakes head knowingly. Gives a grimacing thumbs down.

Lucy: "I can't believe A-Fed lasted so long. He should have gone before Constantine." (A-Fed is the semi-derogatory nickname for Anthony Fedorov, aka Trache-Boy)

Me: "Yeah. I was surprised he made it so far. He's not very good."

Lucy: "I liked [his] Poison Ivy, though."

Me: "Um hmm." (It sucked, but she dug it, so I didn't want to totally crush her.)

Lucy: Shakes head again. "Constantine."

Other than her insanely cute voice and a blind spot for Poison Ivy, I don't see how this conversation differs substantively from one you would have with a teenager, or another adult who wasn't afraid to admit that they watch AI.

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