The Hess Report

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Vain sort that I am, I occasionally Google the Hess Report (as well as BlenderPeople and my screen name harkyman) to see if anyone has linked to it, etc.

At the moment, the Hess Report is coming up on the front page, result number nine to be exact, which is waaaaay better than the last time I checked several months ago. I think it was back on page seven, then. So The Hess Report the weblog has passed a bunch of other studious reports and official pronouncements in Google's pagerank, even though I've done literally nothing to link-whore. Pretty cool. I've also noticed that THR is getting between sixty and one hundred visitors a day. Also pretty cool.

Of course, it wouldn't kill you to leave a comment, so we know you're out there.

Did I say we? Indeed I did. THR now has three people with contributory access. Will the other two ever announce themselves? That'll be up to them.

Anyway, just so that when it slips back off the front page, I've vainly cached the appropriate search page here.

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