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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Phyloplankton Walks Into a Bar... 

I watched an episode of The Magic Schoolbus with Maddie and Lucy last night. Even though they've seen every one several times, they still like the show. It's quality edutainment.

The one we watched last night was called "The Magic Schoolbus Gets Eaten". The lesson was mostly about the aquatic food chain.

When the Bus first shrinks to microscopic size, they kids swim around with a bunch of phyloplankton. Suddenly, a slightly larger seafaring beasty appears (a zooplankton) and gobbles up one of the smaller plankton.

As I try to be an active participant when I watch a show like this with the kids, I said (with mock surprise) "What was that thing!?"

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and said: "Must be an anti-plankton."

Does that come off as cute and silly in type as it did in person? Obviously, I don't have any way to tell, but let me assure you, it was ridiculously cute.

So now I have to make up a plankton joke to fit the post title. Give me a minute...


A Phyloplankton walks into a bar and orders a rum and Coke.

The bartender looks at him and says: "Take a hike, pal. We don't serve you filthy little effers in here."

The Phyloplankton shakes his head. "Up yours, buddy. I'm all 'G'".

Get it? The bartender called him an "F"'er? And he said he was All G? Algae? Get it?

The funniness is weak in this one... :P

Your daughter's anti-plankton remark was way better. :)
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