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Friday, September 09, 2005

Harkywoman's Inaugural Post 

Okay, here it is - my inagural post. Roland has been after me for awhile to add to his blog and I haven't felt led to do so until now. The reason? He's wrong!!! Since that is something that happens so rarely, I have to take advantage of it while I can.

While his story about Lucy and her bedtime antics is spot-on and quite funny (especially the part of her pulling this bedtime excuse out of 'you know where'), he's wrong about one thing: Pearl is NOT a squid. She is, in fact, a flapjack octopus. Since Roland always requires proof - here's a rather lengthy, but accurate link:

[lengthy link shortened to this - ed.]

If you scroll down just a bit on the page, you'll see pictures of all the Nemo characters, their names, and their type of animal/sea creature.

So there it is. Sorry Rol, but I just couldn't let something as important as whether or not a Disney character is a squid or octopus go unchecked. Especially if it's keeping Lucy up at night.

Um... I knew that! Okay, no I didn't.
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