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Friday, November 11, 2005

Mother Finds Child and Friend Dead; Video Games Clearly Responsble 

Okay, that title is over the top. The actual headline from WTAE News reads:

Mom Finds Son, Friend Dead; Video-Game Dispute Blamed

Hmmm. Not much better, really.

Full story here:

Funny, but after reading that, I missed the part where the Video-Game Dispute took on corporeal form and killed these men. Maybe I'll go back and read it again...

Just a minute...

Nope. Still don't see it. If disputes like that were really to blame, we'd have millions of murders like this every year. But we don't. You have to love how the reporter also refers to the nasty crew as teenagers. Technically accurate, but certainly giving a false impression. Two of the three involved weren't even minors, they were 18 and 19 years old. At least one of them had a gun. I guarantee you he didn't buy it from a legal dealer, nor did he have his concealed carry permit. When you read "teenagers" you think 13-16 year olds. Kids. The reporter knows this and is trying to make the story really hit home for us. Bravo!

Also fun is how the police claim (without any kind of stated source) that the three "teens" were friends. Really? When was the last time you shot and killed your friends? I'd be forced to ask the age old parental question: "Sweetie, if they want to shoot you, are they really that good of a friend?"

So let's rewrite that headline, in a way that no news organization would ever see fit to do:

Two Men Dead; Stupid Crazy Idiot Who Can't Tell What's Worth Killing For And What Isn't Blamed

Now that's an honest headline. But it doesn't make anyone think the story might be anything other than the same old stupid crap that we know goes on almost every day in parts of the city like North Braddock, and no one would read it.

What are those reporters smoking?

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