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Monday, November 07, 2005

Short Synopsis of a Very Big Problem 

Maddie was building a castle out of blocks on the living room floor, and she overheard political!Joy and I talking about Iraq, etc. She asked:

"Is Iraq bad or good now?"

"They're on our team, now." Mental correction. "We're on they're team. We're helping them."

"Then who are we fighting?"

"We're helping Iraq fight two other countries with bad governments: Syria and Iran."

"Why are they fighting Iraq?"

"Because they don't like the new government in Iraq. They're afraid of it, and they're trying to ruin it."

"Oh. And we're helping Iraq against those other guys?"



As I stepped outside, I heard her singing "God Bless America", which I don't know if she's ever even heard at home. Must have learned it at school, so at least it's good for something.

It's good for many things.
if you think we are fighting iran in iraq you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. The iranians are quite happy with how our democracy is going there. soon the country will be their ally and we will have made it that way. the syrians are in their own trouble at home and though they may have done a bad job on their border, the truth is they haven't much to do with the civil war that is brewing in iraq. most of those fighting are bathists iraqis, not from outside the country. get a clue. read and find out what the real situation on the ground is.
Cole's a known wacko. The fact that you see him as authoratative genius says a lot about you, ye brave anonymous poster.
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