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Monday, March 27, 2006

Working at the New House 

There are a bunch of things to do at our new house. Some are difficult; some are easy; some will just take a long time.

One of the nastiest looking thing at the house is the old mailbox. It was an old steel one, sitting on an L-shaped of rusting heavy gauge pipe. The box itself had been partially crushed, and from the angle the whole thing rested at, I guessed it had been clipped by a passing motorist who had, I'm certain, stopped to make restitution to the previous owner.

A few minutes with a spade and a bit of exertion had the old box out and away.

The new mailbox will be on a pressure treated wooden post, which will look much nicer. But it's not just going to set in the ground. The post will be pre-cemented into a bucket, which will then be dropped into the hole I dug yesterday. I'm putting a 2' x 2' form around the hole, and will be filling that with about 9"-12" of concrete. As the concrete is setting up, I'm going to surround the post with a first course of stone, inset maybe 3"-6" from the edges of the concrete slab. After that all dries (probably about a day), I'll use some more of my stone to build a nice little stone base for the mailbox, probably about a foot and a half up the post.

The purpose is twofold: 1. It will make it look a little nicer than a bare mailbox, and (hopefully) fit in with the stone on the house, tying the front of the driveway together visually with the main structure. 2. Present enough of a barrier so that if someone clips the thing while they're driving past, they won't have a choice to not stop and make restitution. It'll rip out a portion of their car.

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