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Thursday, September 21, 2006

God Bless the Internet (again) 

This seems to be a common type of occurrence these days (in outline format for your abstracting convenience):

A. The Setup
  1. Put clothes in dryer late on a Friday afternoon
  2. Dryer ceases to function
  3. Smell of smoked electric motor hits my nose

B. Diagnosis
  1. Upon examination, determine that the motor that spins the dryer's drum is dead

C. Options
  1. Obtain replacement motor.
    • $105 for new part + shipping
    • 7-10 days to receive part
    • Replacement of motor requires complete disassembly of dryer
  2. Obtain all new dryer
    • Immediate
    • Around $500 for a new version of what we have now
  3. Check Pittsburgh craigslist
    • within thirty seconds find 1 year old dryer, one model level up from the current, deceased one (which was probably eight years old) for $125

D. Action
  1. Email the seller from craigslist
  2. Within five minutes get reply that it is available
  3. Obtain directions to seller via Google maps
  4. Three hours later, the almost brand-new dryer is drying laundry at our house

E. Conclusion
  1. How did anyone live before the Internet?
  2. God Bless The Internet (GBTI)

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