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Monday, November 27, 2006

Birthday Time for Me 

My birthday coincided with Thanksgiving this year, which means that it was a non-weekend day off work. Which is nice. When I was a little, some of the other kids' parents would let them skip school on their birthdays. Not us, which I can understand. But a day off on my birthday still feels like skipping school to me.

On the present side of things, and apart from the usual clothing items, I got two little handmade sock monkeys (about 5-6" tall) from the girls. Domestic!Joy did most of the heavy construction on the monkey bodies, but Maddie and Lucy both helped, and even sewed the monkey clothes themselves. Maddie's is dressed like a sailor and named "Pacific". Lucy's is wearing a pink vest and is named "Pathetico". They woke me up on Thursday morning by using them as hand-held puppets and giving a song-and-dance "Happy Birthday" performance on the edge of the bed. There is no better way to start a birthday than dancing hand-made sock monkeys followed by coffee and donuts.

InternetSleuth!Joy managed to get me a really nice alto saxophone (or saxamaphone if you want to be technically accurate). She had to do a lot of driving, plus wheeling/dealing and getting other people to help her out, which makes it sooo much cooler a present than, say, a new pair shoes or something. I'm out of practice, but it's fun to play again. When I get back in the groove of things, I'll have to serenade romantic!Joy like John Cusack did in Better Off Dead. Well, he didn't serenade Joy, it was the French exchange student, but you know what I mean.

I also received nice cash donations from several people, all of which contributed to the purchase of a .22 rifle. It's the Mossberg 802 bolt action .22 Long Rifle. Both my dad and brother shot it, and agreed that it's a nifty, fun little gun. Lest anyone think that I have an entire closet full of firearms (some people have expressed this mistaken notion to me), this brings our grand total of weapons to three, and is probably all I'll ever need for fun and profit.

On my actual birthday which was mostly spent in Central Pennsylvania at my parents', I had birthday blueberry pie. Several days later, once the Thanksgiving rush was over, we had a traditional birthday cake at home.

Overall, a superior birthday for me, and many thanks to everyone who did something nice for me this long weekend.

Hey Rol, thanks for broadening my horizons by using the word saxamaphone. I typed define:saxamaphone into Google, which came up empty. So then I googled the word without the 'define' command and found this:
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