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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Book Cover Concept 

As I was working on some other things today, I had an idea for the cover of the book, so I worked it up. It follows my rules for "image interest", which are to provide different scales for the viewer. The overall Blender logo in orange and blue provides a large scale element for structure; the tiles within provide an additional medium-scale structure; and the images themselves provide fine detail.

Of course, to do this one, I'd need to secure rights from all the image artists, but that would most likely not be a problem.

Click on the thumbnails to see two slightly different versions:

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Hey like the cover design. Great idea to have great artwork on the cover. Hope whats in it is as good as the cover.
This doesn't happen often but as of this moment I have no crits!

I'm actually amazed and really happy about that.

I really like the one on the left. and at this moment wouldn't change a thing. The detail images in the one on the right are too faded for my taste.
I like it too. I do feel, however, that it needs some images which show the 3D construction phase, so as to separate it from Photoshop-type books.

As for colour, version 1 gets my vote
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