The Hess Report

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can someone email me to prove that I'm really awake, please? 

I'm fighting a virus that has been making its way through the family, and last night was probably one of the worst nights of sleep I've had in years. I was awake once about every hour.

Neither item is notable except for the really weird dreams I had. In between waking up almost a dozen times, I was having dreams in which I was falling asleep. That's right. In the dreams, I would be walking around somewhere familiar, like, say, work, and then I'd find myself "waking up" at my work desk, realizing I had fallen asleep, and subsequently trying to stay awake. Well, awake in my dream. Then I'd wake up for real. And try to go back to sleep.

Freaking weird. Happened all night.


Our old house has finally sold. I won't discuss the particulars of the deal or the buyers, because I don't want say anything legally actionable, which I probably would.

Fun Facts:
Average time on market when we put the house up for sale: 60 days

Length of time after we put the house up for sale after which housing market started to tank: 30 days

Length of time we budgeted for paying for two houses: 5 months

Length of time we ended up paying for two houses: 10 months

And what was it that finally sold the house? Probably the goat sacrifices.

Wait, what am I saying? It was definitely the goat sacrifices!

Well, at least the kids are happy, because we can stop having Ramen noodles and goat burgers for every meal.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book 'Em 

Two interesting bits of news:

1. I just finished a freelance job as a technical editor on an upcoming book for Blender character animators called, amazingly enough, Introducing Character Animation with Blender, Amazon link here. My job as tech editor was to read through the draft of the book, work through the tutorials and examples, and flag anything that was incorrect. The book is going to be very useful, and I feel like a contributed a lot. The book is being produced by Sybex, a company that publishes all sorts of software guides and learning materials.

2. The more interesting news is that I'm the editor (in-chief) for the next book being put out by the Blender Foundation. My job will be to accumulate all the content for the book, writing some of it myself, and putting the whole thing together to hand off to designers. It's a really big job, but those of you familiar with my writing work, and those who've been helped by my editing (which not just proofreading!) skills will know that will probably be the best Blender book produced to date. I'm hoping that it will be seen as the definitive resource for new Blender users, both people completely new to 3D and those who are already pros with other packages but want to add Blender to their resume.

I plan to blog the process of producing this book, so anyone interested in following a book from concept through final production can follow it here. Comments policy for this blog has always been a) on topic; b) not abusive. A new one kicks in now: no argument or whining about the book. I won't be writing about anything here that isn't already completed, so carping about it will just piss me off.

Friday, October 13, 2006


One of the things that bothers me the most is when people come to me and bitch about how "so and so takes advantage of them" or how "this person walks all over them".

Here's a hint, and it'll save all the energy you spend bellyaching, so it'll be good for the environment too:

Stop letting people take advantage of you. Stop letting people walk all over you.

And lest you think that this is just me doing the exact same thing I'm criticizing others for, i.e., coming here and whining instead of telling them to stuff it... I usually tell them just what I've said here. Quit yer bitchin. If you're not man enough to stop people from eating your lunch, do you think you're man enough to force me to listen to you cry and pee your diapers? For free?