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Friday, April 17, 2009

Psych Experiments at the Soda Machine 

The soda machine at work is conducting psych experiments.

A soda costs 60 cents. I have a quarter and four dimes (65 cents). When I put in my money, the machine says "Please use correct change," which means that it doesn't have proper change to dispense. Fine. I push the coin return button so I can bug our accountant to switch my one dime for two nickels.

Clinkety clink. The money falls into the hopper.

It's two quarters, a dime and a nickel.

Which I promptly put back into the machine, save the nickel.

I put my mouth close to the coin slot and whisper "Nobody likes a smart ass.*"

There is no response.

I get my soda, though.

* I was lying. The only person who doesn't like a smart ass is the priss of the group. Everyone else loves the smart ass, but I wasn't counting on a soda machine to know that.

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