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Friday, July 10, 2009

She Didn't See That One Coming! 

Oh, it is to laugh.

You'd think someone in the spirit world would have had a clue.

It's like:

A police station getting robbed.

A bank manager having to file for personal bankruptcy.

Symantec getting taken down by a virus.

But the beauty of having something really bad happen to a psychic/fortune teller/etc. is that anything bad that happens to them at all, regardless of category, fits the bill and makes them look like the pathetic charlatans that they actually are. Maybe her chakras were out of alignment.

If I were a fortune teller, I'd be doing my own fortune all the time. For everything. Which way should I go to the grocery store? What color shirt should I wear today? At dinner tonight, should I eat my peas five at a time or seven at a time? It's those little things in life that can make all the difference. Of course, these goofballs will claim something like "No one can tell their own future, blah blah, lie lie..." So, why don't they use their powers to find another real fortune teller, and then they can exchange fortune telling services? That would work.

Or maybe it violates some kind of fortune teller ethics, and no one wants to get brought up in front of the Fortune Teller Ethics Review Board. They're real ball busters, from what I hear.

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